NEW! PLEASE READ! Stewards/Incident reporting/Penalties.

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NEW! PLEASE READ! Stewards/Incident reporting/Penalties.

Post by SkullArmy on Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:37 am

Incident reporting:
From now on the only way to report an incident that you'd like to be reviewed you must go to, navigate to the Stewards page and fill out the form.

Also from now on we will have designated Stewards that will review all submitted incidents and issues. As of now the 3 main Stewards are SkullArmy, BadRobot28 and oo SELECTA oo. In the event that an incident involves one or more of the stewards, temporary (and neutral) stewards will be asked to take over and review those incidents.

Penalty severity will depend on the incident and can include any of the following
-Point deduction
-Grid Penalties (series depending)
-Race Bans
-Series Bans
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